Year 2021 is turning out to be 2020.2 business environment wise. Are you making sales? Did you achieve your January 2021 targets? The normal way of doing business is still disrupted with the convid19 control measures being implemented globally by governments as they fight the pandemic. And increasingly digital marketing is becoming indispensable tool not only in branding but critically for achieving sales targets.

There are many facets of digital marketing and at times it’s overwhelming especially when running an SME or startup since people in these environments turn to multitask. Therefore it is important to have a framework that guide your digital marketing drive – your sales funnel. 

Clearly define your target audience according your nature of business; whether it’s business to business (B2B) or business to customers (B2C) and also whether you are offering a service or a product.

Business to Customers (B2C)

One of the  major benefit exclusive to digital marketing is is the fact that it is very easy to define and target a particular section of the population.

The targeted audience is defined from the features of your potential market. These may include what value your service/product offers,  gender, location, income levels, age range and consumption behavior.

For instance, if on 

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